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DocUmeant Designs offers unique custom book cover designs for your print and digital needs. Since we are a multi-platform publisher we are familiar with the special qualities that book covers need to attract your buying public. Our cover designs have been featured on nationwide television talk shows such as the

Today Show


NBC Nightly News Interview with Willard Shepard.

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You've put all your effort and care into writing your book, making sure it is properly edited by someone who is trained in the art of copy editing, put your marketing plan together, and are ready to put it all together with a nice layout and cover. This is not where you should cut corners. Investing in a quality book layout and cover design by a professional cover designer and layout artist is paramount to the quality of your end result. However, you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to acheive that look with DocUmeant Designs custom book cover design services.

Unless bad cover design is the look you are going for we recomend you not attempt to design it yourself—or have your friend who is a designer do it for you. Be sure that they are a book cover designer! Hiring the wrong designer for your project can be bothersome to say the very least. Be sure your cover designer specializes in book covers and knows the specific art to creating an attractive book cover for your 'baby'. You've seen a gazillion bad book covers, so I won't bore you with samples of those. However, to make surer you know the difference between a designer's book cover and a professional book cover designer's cover we offer the following example.

cover designed by a designer Besides the obvious changes, text alignment and image and text placement issues abound. See if you can spot what the differences are. Click on the images to view them in larger scale. Hint: There are a total of sixteen! cover redo by DocUmeant Designs

cover designed by an author

The original cover was designed with the help of a WYSIWYG self-publishing tool.

After was designed by Ginger Marks of DocUmeant Designs.

It is a good example of. "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."


Now that you know what to look for in a professional cover designer, I'll share a small sampling of custom book cover designs by DocUmeant Publishing.


Custom Book Cover sampling

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