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This is a small sampling of custom ezines designed for business owners around the world. Ezines come in many various degrees of complexity and since there is so much diversity DocUmeant Designs feels that the best way to serve you is to design your project around what you want and need to succeed. Click on each tab to view the ezine template design project.


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Star Ladin is the owner and principal of Star Marketing Media, publisher of Star Lee Magazine and creator of the 5 Stages of Star-preneurship™. Star’s passion is to share her knowledge and expertise with heart-centered entrepreneurs in order to create freedom for women by using entrepreneurship as the tool. Her life’s desire is to inspire them to build the business of their dreams based on their terms.

While Star's best known for her expertise in branding and marketing, her community shares that her biggest impact comes from her philosophy of "Success on Your Terms™" - ensuring you have work life balance while remaining true to your values. This, Star says, is the foundation to turning your passion into profit.

You can learn more about Star and her courses, programs, and products at www.StarMarketingMedia.com.

As much as we recommend these resources, Star Marketing Media does not accept responsibility for any purchases you make, business you conduct, or relationships you may initiate with anyone listed in this directory.


Donna Toothaker, VA ezine template design by DocUmeant Designs

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