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What we do

Business Designs

Designing your business logo, stationary, and business forms with a uniform look is paramount to your branding success. The DocUmeant Designs team of highly skilled designers can assist you to achieve the proffessional look and feel for all your branding design without breaking the bank. 
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Publishing Designs

Specializing in print book and eBook publishing through our sister company, DocUmeant Publishing, DocUmeant Designs expertice in book formatting and cover designs is apparent in the quality of design presented. We are proud to say that our cover designs have been featured on national television and our client base is global in reach.

Are you DIYer? Get Ginger's ebook Kindle Publishing, Yes, You Can on Amazon and learn the tricks she uses for every Kindle ebook she formats for only $2.99 USD! Get your copy today.
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Amazon #1 Best Seller seal

Amazon #1 Best Seller Seals now avalible for all your personal stock of books! For more details or to order click the image above.

Marketing Designs

When it comes to designing your marketing materials hiring a competent designer is the most important choice you can make. With expertice in both print and digital design the DocUmeant Designs team has the knowledge and skill to create your marketing pieces with a look and feel that you can proudly share.

Take your marketing design from this:

To this:

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Web Designs

Website design is a constantly evolving concept. At DocUmeant Designs we pride ourselves on staying current with this ever changing environment. It seems like just a short time ago web designers were using simple code to create websites for the hungry public's insatiable appetite. Within each line of code it was necessary to add style elements. Then along came the wonderful CSS style sheets. Now when you, our customers, wanted to change the color of an element—like your main header—it became a simple change rather than searching and replacing every occurence. As time goes on the complexity of website design has increased. We now have to consider not just the desktop environment, but a whole host of digital devices.
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Affiliate Programs

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about us

In 1998 Ginger founded GraphInc which eventually evolved into DocUmeant, and the DocUmeant family of companies was born.
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recent raves

Crystal Pina, VA

"Six Months and Two Graphic Designers Later...
"I finally called on Ginger Marks of DocUmeant Designs to help with a header for a website I was pulling together for a client who happens to be a graphic design professional herself. Within a few hours Ginger sent over her first concept."
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"Ginger is a remarkable designer. She is creative, hard-working, and very efficient. The most impressive quality that Ginger possesses is her ability to actively listen to what you need and then create something you can proudly use to represent your company or project."
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